Anonymous asked: those are adorable nikki! will you be selling those?!

Aren’t they? If you guys want us too, of course I would sell them! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Hi loves! I just wanted to share with you these adorable handmade ice cream ballet flats that I created yesterday! I thought they were something Cat Valentine would definitely wear. They were super easy and fun to make! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Forever 21 Bags by cityofinfinity featuring a white crossbody purse

So my loves, I went and did a little shopping yesterday and I found the cutest obvious Chanel inspired bags in Forever 21. They aren’t badly priced and they are to die for! Ariana wears and uses similar of these all the time. Also not only would you be matching with the lovely and talented Grande herself, you’d be matching with Nikki and I! Right when I got two of the bags I had to tell Nikki and she got one also:) -Brianna xx
Universal Studio Outfits by cityofinfinity featuring a free people shirt

-Brianna xx
Anonymous asked: Can u do universal studio outfit? Cause I'm going universal studio soon

Ill do one now!!:) -Brianna xx



Ariana Grande - Girl Power TAG!

The part where she talks about her mom is so sweet aww! -Chloe xx

Anonymous asked: Omfg xD I just realized I said "I know this isn't a fashion/beauty VIDEO" instead of question when I asked about the apps haha xD I am so sorry if I confused you! x

Girl, don’t even worry about it!! I got what you meant immediately :) I can’t even tell you how many time’s people have made that same mistake, even me and Bri do it! I think it’s because when you think of beauty guru’s, you instantly think of youtube? (At least I know I do!) Love you and thanks for requesting!
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: will you be doing ariana's seventeen exacts?!

Of course!! I already know where most of them are from! (I’m a little too style obsessed.) I’ll be posting them as soon as I get to a computer tomorrow! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Target Bags by cityofinfinity featuring white bags

- Brianna xx
katarella asked: Can you post Ariana inspired backpacks from Target, please? :3

I will do that now:) -Brianna xx


Ariana on Seventeen magazine.

Overall Outfits by cityofinfinity featuring cotton t shirts

-Brianna xx
Anonymous asked: that's a question to Brianna: How do you get all your model job and how did you start? I thought about being a part time model for some commercial photo shoots but idk how to start, could you please give me some tips/advice on this? Thanks xo

Well I started when I was younger. I get modeling jobs through an agency and my managers/agent like does all of getting the jobs part for me. I would say it helps to start when you are younger but some great models have started when they are older. I haven’t done much jobs compared to serious models but I’ll take when I can get and I’m actually going to a new agency soon so I hope that helps. If you want to start off id say try to get ur parents to manage you and then try to talk to ur parents to try to get u into an agency. Sometimes it’s hard depending on where you live. Like for instants if u don’t live in NY, FL, Chicago, London, Paris and or Cali it’s hard for you to get into agencies. You would have to have times and patience for things. You’ll probably travel a ton and it helps if u meet people in the industry if you network with them and become friends with them. You should deff get a portfolio to show agencies. Also I guiltily don’t do this but try your best to eat healthy and exorcize, its always good to stay in shape. For your facials expressions and way you pose if you’re nervous about not know what to do its good if you stand in front of a mirror and do different expressions and poses to prepare. Also what ever is closer to the camera looks biggest in that photo. That’s why some photographers take photos from a low angle sorta to make ur legs looks longer. I don’t exactly what advice to give you tbh!! I’m so sorry. If you get a “no” for things you audition for, don’t get discouraged and give up. Just keep on going because that’s totally normal for people. If you want some exact advice on specific things or have any more questions just ask. :) -Brianna xx

Anonymous asked: Ariana inspired outfits with overalls please :) !

Coming right up:) -Brianna xx

DIY Ice Cream Shoes→

You guys have to see this video! This girl teaches you how to make amazing and realistic ice cream flats and heels! I definitely think Cat Valentine would wear these, or even Ariana when she was younger!
Xoxo, Nikki