Anonymous asked: when is your annual back to school series starting? or are you doing a lookbook this year?

It’s been undecided if we’re categorizing the series as a lookbook or not this year. But whatever we decide to do, the series will start next week! We have at least 50 back to school related requests in our inbox so we’re so excited to finally start! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: Would you guys post worldwide?

Yikes, i’m not sure what you’re asking here. Do you mean would we sell world wide? We definitely would consider it, it would probably just take a little longer and we would have to charge extra for shipping! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second review in our brand new makeup review series! I was so excited when I came across this new BB cream from Maybelline in my drugstore. I did a little research and discovered this BB cream actually came out a while ago in other countries, but it just came out in America. So for those of you who aren’t in America, this may not be exactly “new” to you. This BB cream in particular is formulated for people with acne, which I found a little strange considering this beauty balm has a luminous finish. A luminous finish isn’t the best for acne as it actually brings attention to it (yikes!) And believe me, if you have acne you’re going to want to have more coverage than what this balm provides. I also hate the fact that this formula contains 2% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a drying agent used to fight acne, but it really should only be formulated into spot treatments, not in a product that is applied all over your face in my opinion. When salicylic acid is applied to your face repeatedly it will no doubt dry your skin out. Even if you have oily or combo skin. If you’re still interested in the product, I recommend using it as a primer under a foundation so you are provided with more coverage. The price of this product is about $9.99, which is the average price for a drugstore foundation. Xoxo, Nikki

Ariana’s grandfather has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Grande family at this time.

Anonymous asked: Yes please sell clothes that would be so awesome! If the price is good then I would totes buy!!

Our prices would definitely be very inexpensive!! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: Sell bustiers and crop tops, skater skirts, bows, all that stuff!

How fabulous would that be?! We’re definitely taking everyones requests into consideration and will try our best to start selling!! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: I don't think that's the right shirt tho because the lettering is different :( like the font

Really?! I didn’t pick that up, i’m so sorry!! Maybe it’s just a similar then (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: Are you gonna have different sizes if you do sell clothes? c:

Of course we would!! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: YES YES YES DO IT

We will try our best!! We still have to work out things:) -brianna xx 

katarella asked: Oh my gosh I'd love that!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!! We’ve had so many ideas of what we should make or sell! Its not official yet though, do you guys have any ideas of what we should sell? -brianna xx 

Would you be interested?

Hi loves, we’ve been thinking for a really long time about how amazing it would be to sell Ariana inspired clothing off of our blog or a separate website. All clothing would range from either gently worn to brand new, and we would mostly be selling skirts or dresses. Nothing is final yet, we’re just interested if you lovely girls would consider buying from us? Let us know in our ask box! (:

Anonymous asked: Yeah sure I'd love your personals! :)

Our Ariana fan accounts on Twitter are @DashingGrande (me!) and @Bwiannanicole (Brianna) and our personal instagrams are @nicolerandone (that’s my full name) and Brianna’s is @briannaniicole! Then of course our Omgrandestyle twitter is just @omgrandestyle (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: Do you guys have twitters or Instagrams?! :)

Yes! We have a twitter for omgrandestyle then our actual twitters and instagrams. Would you like ours?:) -brianna xx

Ariana’s MTV Total Ariana Live outfit 

Nadia Tarr crop top / Alice Olivia long skirt / Yves Saint Laurent pumps, $905
-brianna xx 
Anonymous asked: Cheap ari inspired peplum tops?

Theres peplum tops here and here :) -brianna xx