Anonymous asked: brianna i love what you wrote about self image and everything, but i was a little hurt when you were talking about makeup. wearing makeup isn't always about impressing other people. i wear it to feel more confident and impress myself, not to fit in or be sexier then someone else. if something makes me more confident i don't understand what's wrong with it :( love you though..

I was really really scared that part was going to come off like that! I understand that completely but i wasn’t trying to say that makeup is a bad thing. Im just saying that people wear makeup sometimes to just like fit in. By all means if you feel more confident and it impresses yourself and you just love makeup all in all then go ahead wear it! I was just saying that makeup isn’t a thing that people need to wear. People treat it now in days like makeup is a must have thing and if you don’t wear makeup you can’t fit in. Thats totally wrong though. Makeup isn’t a thing that you wear just to be sexier or fit in it should be a thing like you described it. And plus you should just love yourself and be as confident with makeup on or off because you’re beautiful either way. I love you, love. -brianna 

Anonymous asked: nikki please help! i'm freaking out. the no white after labor day rule is giving me a panic attack! what am i gonna do?! i love wearing white :(

Sweetie, that rule is as stupid as the person who created it! Wear what you want when you want. Don’t let these “fashion rules” stop you from being you! Who even created these rules anyways? Society has no right to give us fashion rules and standards that we have to live by. The whole point of fashion in my opinion is self expression. Your clothing is the first thing people see about you, and you never get a second chance at a first impression. Therefore, make sure your clothing reflects you as a person. If that means wearing white in the middle of December, wear white! Don’t even worry about it. I promise you i’ll be wearing white after this weekend as well (:

Xoxo, Nikki

To the anon looking for a new black handbag, try this Quilted Faux Leather crossbody ($24.80) from Forever 21! Brianna and myself have it in white and we love it! (:

minniemouse09x asked: im so sorry, i didnt want ro be rude at all i just wanted to help them because i felt bad for them, im really sorry :(

What are you talking about love bug? Do you have the right blog? You were never rude to us! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: brianna no offence but you stall with EVERY request. just answer them! no hate

She’s not stalling.. She’s just trying to get as much details as possible in order to make the best post she can. Don’t be silly!
Xoxo, Nikki

I ask questions back so i don’t mess up the request. If i answer the requests and it takes me a little to post a post its because I’m taking my time or i got distracted with something. For example like school or family or friends …. sorry, love. -brianna xx 

chiggen-nuckets asked: Hi! Could you do some ariana inspired handbags for school? Preferably black (but dont worry too much about the colour) and not too expensive :) thanks in advance ♡♥

handbags as in legit handbags or do you mean like backpacks or an extra bag to go along with your backpack? -brianna xx

handsonmine asked: thanks link from ebay or amzon pls

Anonymous asked: Oh lol i didnt see the quotes

lol its okay my sister read it before it was posted and didnt see the quotes either:) she’s like “YOUVE BEEN MARRIED FOR LONGER THEN YOUVE BEEN ALIVE?!” -brianna xx 

Anonymous asked: U have been married 20 years? Wow

lol I quoted that if you would read it correctly i said “like someone said” :) -brianna xx 

Positive Body Image

Loves, i’d like to talk about a topic that i know many many girls have issues with and that their bodies. I have no idea what people have told you nor what each and everyone of you guys have problems with body wise but i’d just like to say that all of you guys are so so fricken beautiful!! Through out your life your body will be changing size a numerous amount of times but big or small, curvy or non curvy you will still be beautiful. Now I’m one to speak because i’m not going to lie here i wish i had curves and a booty and all that jazz. As unhealthy as it is i envy that but in the end of the day I’m stuck with my body and need to love it just like you guys should love yours. Your body is a wonderland and you should cherish it. It does so much good for yourself and it keeps you living everyday. If you really think about it, its amazing. Your body runs every little aspect of yourself, in-fact its helping me type this out right now. But what I’m saying is love your body. I’ve heard of girls who are trying to squeeze into last years prom dress. I’ve heard of humans who wear mac makeup, Prada, Chanel any little designer you can think of. I’ve heard of humans who paint a mask on their face to fit in and i know humans who paint a mask on their face because it makes them feel beautiful. I’ve heard of humans who wonder if they’re sexy enough to fit in and i’ve heard of girls who wonder if they’re pretty enough to fit in. I’ve heard of humans who take diet pills almost every day of their life. I’ve heard of humans who are always on a diet and I’ve heard of humans who are binging everyday or starving themselves everyday. And i know most every human hates that they have flaws that people can see. Even after we do everything at the end of the day we still aren’t good enough for ourself nor anyone else. I’m here to say that i think you guys are beautiful. I’m not just saying that, i’ve seen some of your guys profile picture or photos and you guys look like goddesses. But the trick is knowing how to exist and feel sexy when there’s no one there to tell you you are wanted. When you wake up in the morning with only your pillow and blankets and the only person to tell you how pretty you look is your own reflection looking back at you i  mirror, tell yourself you are beautiful. Why shouldn’t you? You tell other people they’re beautiful. Every human you ever come in to contact with in the morning has flaws flying every which direction and radiating off themselves. If you could look into others houses in the morning no one looks flawless. No one is flawless. I know probably .1% of the population on this earth as reached this goal. But like the huffington Post said, ”If you can happily exist without being validated by another human being, you have reached the first level of Nirvana.” Nirvana is a struggle to reach but you have to except yourself and love yourself. When’s the last time you touched your own thighs and not looked at them in the mirror while doing it? Sure you may have “big” thighs or a little pug on your stomach or a big booty but girl that just means you are eating and living a normal life! You may have some bumps and cellulite here and there, it doesn’t make you any less beautiful then from the moment you were born. You should love your body for today and love your body for the rest of your life because thats who you are. Yes sure you can get surgeries or go on diets but tbh diets and those things should be for people who really need it and have diabetes and are really really sick because of their weight. Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet. When you look at a baby, what do you see? You see soft skin that smells of sweetness and innocence. You’ve loved and laughed and smiled and cried and walked thousands of miles with those feet that are no longer soft and untouched. But they’ve been touched by your life and every little that body has been touched by your life and it shows your journey. Embrace all of it! That’s what your mother did when you were born. Thats what she wants you to do when you look in the mirror or strut your stuff down the school hallway. Now like a someone said, “For as long as I’ve loved boys, I’ve attached my well-being, my identity, my everything to their physical need for me. When physical needs would subside in a relationship — which, for the record, they always, eventually do — I would feel that I was no longer as worthy as I was at the beginning when all he wanted to do was be with me. If you aren’t currently being loved or kissed or held in someone’s arms — or if you’re in a relationship where the sex has waned and more time is being spent hugging your pillow than feeling the warmth of another body in bed by your side — I need not tell you that there are plenty of ways to love yourself. Fucking doesn’t make you worthy of existing in this world. But loving yourself does. One thing I’ve learned after being married for nearly two decades is that love evolves. Though physical touch is surely a way to plug back into life, to recharge your soul, self-love is what will sustain you throughout your days. It’s what gets you through the hard times. It’s what will keep you alive.” You are worth more than a waistline.You are no less valuable as a size 16, than a size 4 or even the other way around. You are no less valuable as a 32A than a 36C. I love you guys i hope this made you guys change your mind about your bodies or help you a little. Even though we give exercise tips or things like that we recommend only do it to tone your body or if its a complete need or if your want to just all in all take care of your body. I hope you guys are loving your body and every inch of it. Its a lovely masterpiece and you should ever give up on yourself/ hate the beauty that has been created. -brianna xx 

Anonymous asked: Hey 😊. I'm looking for a black jacket similar to the one were Ariana had her chanel perfume case. 😊.

Can you submit a picture to us? You can submit one here -brianna xx 

handsonmine asked: thanks briana can u find me some and what blackberry case would she use

Probably a white, pink, black, floral or animal case:) -brianna xx 

buteracloset asked: Can you follow me please :)

Followed:) -brianna xx 

Anonymous asked: Can you find the red iutfit that ariana whore a few days ago?

You mean the one she wore yesterday at the Today Show in NYC? I’m still searching for it! (:

Xoxo, Nikki

Ariana was seen Wearing this Bomber Jacket from Adidas ($500) at rehearsal for the Today Show in NYC yesterday. The jacket is part of Rita Ora’s collection!

Xoxo, Nikki